Community Links

01. Adult Diagnosis

Contact your local GP for a referral to Adult Mental Health Services at the Southern District Health Board, this is a Free Service.  You could also ask your GP to if you choose to wait (and sometimes it is a long wait up to 12 – 18 months) for a referral to the University of Otago Clinical Psychology Centre, this is a Free service. 

If you wish to go privately, you can contact:  

Dr Tony Attwood – Australia
Phone: +61 7 3285 7888
Website: www.tonyattwood.com.au

University of Otago – Clinical Psychology Centre
Phone: (03) 479 7627

Charlotte (Lucy) Roux
Phone: 021 0840 3883
Email: charlotterouxnz@gmail.com

Parker and Chin Psychology
Theresa Parker
Address: Level 5, Westpac Building, 106 George Street, Dunedin 
Email: parkerandchin@gmail.com
Website: parkerandchin.com
Please note that appointments are very limited.

02. Child & Youth Diagnosis

Contact your local GP and express your concerns and ask for a referral to a Paediatrician (up to age 15 years) or CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) at Southern District Health Board, this is a Free service. 

If you wish to go privately, you can contact:

Dr Andrew Kelly
Address: 169 Eglinton Road, Dunedin
Phone: 03 466 5011
Email: info@mhc.co.nz
Website: https://www.mhc.co.nz/Services/Paediatrician

Marinoto Clinic
Contact: Dr Pam Jackson – Paediatrician 
Phone: (03) 467 6605

Mornington Health Centre  
Contact: Dr Andrew Kelly – Paediatrician
Phone: (03) 466 5011 

Dr Pam Jackson
Email: Pam@drpamjackson.co.nz
Website: drpamjackson.co.nz

Phone: (022) 100 1440
Email: info@rethink.net.nz
Website: rethink.net.nz

Dr Tony AttwoodAustralia
Phone: +61 7 3285 7888
Website: www.tonyattwood.com.au

University of Otago – Clinical Psychology Centre
Phone: (03) 479 7627

03. Counselling

Dunedin Psychology
Address: 21 Dunbar Street, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 477 7898
Email: admin@dunedinpsychology.co.nz
Website: dunedinpsychology.co.nz

Emily Tierney
Address: 155 High Street, Dunedin
Phone: 022 011 5601
Email: emily.otepoti@outlook.com

Rachel Hanover-O’Connor
Online counselling
Website: https://rachelhoc.wixsite.com/counselling

Mirror Counselling
Phone: (03) 479 2970 

04. Education

Ministry of Education, Special Education – provide services in the early childhood sector and schools. 
Website: www.education.govt.nz 

Dunedin Office
Address: 414 Moray Place, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 471 5200
Email: enquires.dunedin@education.govt.nz

Southern Lakes Office
Address: Barry Ave, Cromwell
Phone: (03) 445 3750 

05. Employment

Address: 155 Hillside Road, South Dunedin
Phone: 0508 858 858
Website: workbridge.co.nz

University of Otago – Disability Services
Phone: (03) 479 1100 

Otago Polytechnic
Phone: (03) 477 3014 

Career Services
Phone: 0800 222 733 

CCS Disability Action – offers services in Supported Employment, Leaving School Support, Youth & Adult information, support and advocacy to make choices about where to live, work and spend leisure time and ongoing support to make it happen. 
Address: 514 Great King Street, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 477 4117
Website: www.ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) – disability, work placement advisor, when you are ready to look for employment ask your current case manager if you could have an appointment with this disability, work placement advisor. 

Day Programme Providers
Many of the following options are dependent upon approval of funds by Access Ability, the needs assessment agency. 

MARC – Mosgiel Ability Resource Centre 
Phone: (03) 489 0029

Cargill Enterprises
Address: 199 Hillside Road, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 455 5119

IDEA Services – Switch Programme
Phone: (03) 477 6968

Stuart Base
Phone: (03) 477 5250

Art Space
Phone: (03) 477 3282 

06. Social Groups

Autism New Zealand Adult Group – meets once a month, please phone the Otago Branch for more details.

Enabling Love and Friendship
Phone: (027) 756 5458
Email: enquiries@enablinglove.nz
Website: enablinglove.nz

Sport and Recreation Special Olympics – offers a range of activities in Dunedin. 
Website: www.specialolympics.org.nz

Swimsation Swim School – these classes are held at Moana Pool, and they have a session called Spike Swim Class, this is for special needs children. 
Phone: (03) 471 9780 

07. Support Organisations

Access Ability – Needs Assessment Agency (NASC) provides a ‘needs assessment’ to assist people identify their support needs and design an individual package to meet those needs including funding.  They may also provide funding towards the costs of Carer Support, so that you can have someone look after the person with ASD to give you a break.   
Address: Ground Floor, Burns House, 10 George Street, Dunedin
Phone: 0800 75 8700 

ASD Plus Education for Families – this is a free programme for pre-school age children diagnosed with ASD delivered by Explore Specialist Advice.  A referral from Access Ability or ASD Coordinator SDHB or Paediatrician will be required.
Phone: 0800 000 421
Email: explore@explore.org.nz

CCS Disability Action – provides information, support and advocacy for children, young adults and adults and their families who have a disability.
Address: 30 Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 477 4117 
Email: otago@ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz
Website: ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz

Community Care Trust
Address: 278 King Edward Street, South Dunedin
Phone: (03) 466 3055
Email: info@cct.org.nz
Website: cct.org.nz

Family Works (Presbyterian Support) – provides social work and family support
Phone: (03) 477 7116 

IHC / IDEA Services
Address: 42 King Edward Street, South Dunedin
Phone: (03) 466 3850 

ADHD Online Support
Website: www.adhd.org.nz 

Explore Behaviour Support Services (division of HealthCare NZ) – specialist behaviour support services for children and adults with a disability and who have challenging behaviour. A referral from Access Ability or ASD Coordinator SDHB or Paediatrician will be required. 
Address: 392 Hillside Road, Dunedin
Phone: 0800 000 421
Email: explore@explore.org.nz

Altogether Autism – information service
Phone: 0800 273 463
Email: otago@altogetherautism.org.nz
Website: www.altogetherautism.org.nz 

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation – Asperger Syndrome
Website:  www.withyoueverystepoftheway.com 

Citizens Advice Bureau – free advice
Address: 301 Moray Place, Dunedin
Phone: 0800 367 222 

Disability Information Services
Address: Dunedin Community House, Corner Moray Place and Great King Street, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 471 6152
Email: info@disabilityinfo.co.nz
Website: www.disabilityinfo.co.nz 

Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
Website: www.dyslexiafoundation.org.nz
Website: www.davisdyslexia.co.nz
Website: www.davisautism.co.nz

Speld New Zealand
Website: www.speld.org.nz

Epilepsy New Zealand
Address: 283 Moray Place, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 471 6207
Email: otago@epilepsy.org.nz 

Fragile X – learn more and find support
Phone: 0508 938 0552
Website: www.fragilex.org.nz 

07. Support Living & Accommodation

Choices in Community Living
Phone: (03) 466 3055
Website: www.cct.org.nz

CCS Disability Action
Phone: (03) 477 4117
Website: www.ccsdisabilityaction.org.nz
IDEA Services 
Phone: (03) 466 3850
Website: www.ihc.org.nz/idea-services
Phone: (03) 477 6641
Website: www.pactgroup.co.nz

Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust 
Address: 336 South Road, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 487 8707 
Website: www.cbct.org.nz

McGlynn Homes 
Address: 10 Balmacewen Road, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 467 6560
Website: www.mcglynn.co.nz

Mt Cargill Trust 
Website: www.mtcargilltrust.org.nz 

08. Therapy

CARA – speech therapy
Phone: (03) 474 0897 

SHOUT – Central Otago
Phone: (027) 254 8331 

Sleep Insight – Specialist sleep support for autistic children and young people.
Telehealth appointments available.
Email: info@sleepinsight.co.nz
Website: Sleep Insight – Specialist sleep support for autistic children & young people

09. Respite

My Care – this is a website that has been designed that you can search for people who have registered on this website and are looking for employment, and you can also place an advertisement on this website saying what “key points” you are looking for in a carer. 

Phone: 09 887 9777
Email: hello@mycare.co.nz
Website: www.mycare.co.nz 


10. Holiday programmes

Aspire Kids Holiday Programme
Contact: Angela Olsen
Phone: (022) 043 3641

11. Legal

Community Law Otago
Address: First Floor, 169 Princes Street, Dunedin
Phone: (03) 474 1922 

Public Trust Dunedin
Address: Ground Floor Plaza House, 243 Princes Street, Dunedin
Phone: 0800 371 471
Email: info@publictrust.co.nz
Website: www.publictrust.co.nz 

Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy Service
Phone: (03) 479 0265, or 0800 555 050
Website: www.hdc.org.nz

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