Charitable Objectives

To promote the welfare and care of all autistic people and those who make up their support network including family/caregivers/whānau. To foster understanding and provide education and information about autism.

The Objectives of Autism New Zealand are:

1. Assisting parents, guardians and other persons who have the care of autistic people to provide for their needs.

2. Establishing and maintaining community support services for autistic people and those who make up their support network.

3. Ensuring that as far as possible, appropriate support is available for every autistic person wanting such support.

4. Helping parents, employees of Autism New Zealand and others to further the development of, and to undertake the care of, autistic people.

5. Promoting integration of autistic people into a participative role in the community so as to enable them to be as independent as possible and to enjoy the rights of New Zealanders to live the life they want to live, including providing appropriate training education and other support that is necessary or desirable to enable autistic people to develop their abilities fully and deliver such services as are appropriate.